Two Sundays
Two Sundays, 2019
Mixed media on prepared paper
29 1/2 x 42 inches

Two Sundays
By Nana Dadzie Ghansah
(A poem inspired by the eponymous painting by the artist Martin Beck)

He came home in May,
Before the rains came down,
And washed away the winter.
I did my hair for him,
Got a new dress too.
He had lost weight,
And smelt of war.
He was whisked off before I could blink,
To a secret site in the woods.
Did not see him again,
Till the following Saturday.

That night we made love.
It was filled with an urgency,
That clouded the passion.
I woke up in his arms
Bathed in the glow of the sun,
On a beautiful
Then he was gone,
Back into the fog of conflict and blood,
Of exploded devices and torn limbs. Now he is gone,
Taken away from this world and my love.
Never will I see his smile again,
Nor feel the warmth of his embrace.
So I’ll hang on to the memories,
Of those wonderful days,
When I wore up in his arms,
Two Sundays!

M S Rezny Gallery, pal•imp•sest(2) bearing traces of earlier forms.  2/19/2019 - 3/30/2019.  Lexington, KY  



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