Material Girl

Material Girl, 2018
Mixed media on prepared paper
42 x 29 1/2 inches

This piece had five distinct iterations. You can see at the top the ghost of a previous drawing – the head of a model, and a foot at the bottom. At one point there were several figures on the paper. Then it malingered on the studio wall for several months before I finally took a garden hose to it and “cleaned” various areas outside the studio with this garden hose. I toned the resulting paper blue and added applications of water, pigment and black enamel spray paint. Then some dry pigment dusted onto the surface. Repaired a tear about 1/3 down on the left side. The ghost head is still there, as are two sets of feet from the earliest two iterations. The finished piece is the result of a single session with one of my most frequent models. When I commented that her face seemed like a Madonna, she said “Oh, the material girl!” The hammer and sickle imagery makes complete the irony. It's creation is outlined on my blog:

Healdsburg Center for the Arts, Figure Study- Hidden Story.  9/8/2018 - 10/21/2018.  Healdsburg, CA