The Hunter

The Hunter, 2016
Mixed media on prepared paper
44.50 x 30 inches

[The Hunter} has succumbed to gravity, lying on a bed with draperies, a modern-day Diana, possibly exhausted after a day in the forest, who has just dropped her gun…. If it weren’t for the gun (and the title), it would be less clear what to make of the dog that lies on the floor beneath her … The dog is staring out at us, but as to what is on its mind, that’s hard to say. It is hungry, or distrustful, or rueful, or angry, or patient, or insistently curious, or sleepy. …. All of the painting’s representations of consciousness are concentrated in the dog. Is the whole image the dream of a sleeping dog? Beck’s work reminds us that dream space is another geography, besides the artist’s studio, where nudity is right at home.

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