Two reviews of the group show X-Sightings at the Anderson Gallery,
5/17/96 - 6/29/96. Buffalo, NY.

Easy Pleasures
by Richard Huntington

Beck's complex figure compositions bring baroque spatial dynamics into the back yards of America. His individuals are either unhappily sexualized or awkwardly self aware, or both. They strain under the demands of pleasure, always terrified that they will reveal some forbidden part of their private psyches.



By Matthieu Victor

Dominating the main gallery three large paintings by Martin Beck lend the show a definite seventies feel (not that I remember the seventies. or for that matter anything prior to 1992). These recall the super-realist and neo-history painters of that decade, and to a lesser extent eighties allegory painters such as Eric Fischl and Mark Tansey. Whether or not their stylistic quoting is done ironically I done know, but their humor and energy succeeds whether or not they want to be hip.